About FoodEnv-SL

Food and Environment Sierra Leone (FoodEnv-SL) is a registered Small and Medium Enterprise founded on 20th May 2016.




Hunger reduction, environmental conservation and job creation for improved livelihoods. 


To provide essential food products and provide environmental solutions through innovative technology and collaborative partnership for sustainable national development.

Our Organization

FoodEnv-Sl is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) that relies on the community based approach to implement it activities. The approach in which community farmers are mobilized in project implementation is a sustainability means that continually enhances knowledge transfer and livelihood improvement, a core value of our organization. The core values of FoodEnv-SL are knowledge transfer, livelihood improvement, integrity, accountability and transparency.

FoodEnv-SL is a profit making organization that focuses on diverse agriculture and environment related projects including poultry, livestock, crop production, restoration, landscaping, environmental and social impact assessment, irrigation and climate change resilience and adaptation.


FoodEnv-SL responds to its corporate social responsibility through knowledge transfer and livelihood improvement during project implementation. By this, youth and women are gainfully employed, community development programs and child education are also supported in the best ways possible.


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FoodEnv–SL engage farmers’ cooperatives, youth and women in agriculture to increase the arable land under cultivation. FoodEnv–SL build capacities of local farmers to grow rice and vegetables, rear livestock, and also process and package farm produces to enhance high market value. We ensure that production is carried out in harmony with environmental protection and conservation. Research and training are also an integral part of our activities as we seek to improve agricultural productivity in Sierra Leone.

Environment & Sustainability

Contemporary agriculture is largely associated with its environmental impact; consequently, FoodEnv-SL appreciates maintaining an equilibrium in order to reduce the negative environmental impact. Our on-farm greenhouse gas emissions are considerably low as renewable energy solutions and organic manure are utilized for provision of electricity and crop production respectively.

Fertilizer use and thermal emissions from electricity generation are major contributors to farm’s greenhouse gas emissions and global warming in general. Moving to organic manure for crop production and solar solutions for electricity are the simplest means to reduce our project’s impact on climate change.

Our effort in longevity and sustainability of our projects are overwhelming. We produce mostly what is required by the poultry, livestock and crops. We have strategically designed our farm operations to maintain production irrespective of the shocks in order to thrive in an unpredictable environment where the prices of raw materials soars.