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Investment Opportunity

FoodEnv-SL offers investors access to income streams from the "Farm Investment" scheme.

Investors may choose from a list of farm projects that are of interest and could be actively/passively involved in the farm activity until close of project. 

Typically our farm projects can last for 5 months, 12 months and 18 months. 

Please feel free to contact us for further enquiries. 




The investment could last for a minimum 3 years. We have land, buildings and labor. You bring in funds for buying goats, equipment, feed, vaccines, and operation cost. 


The volunteering scheme provides graduates, community youths and international experts the opportunity to experience our diverse farm and environment activities. 

We are aware that volunteering facilitates enormous learning opportunities, and the valuable experience our organization could offer makes us the best for your hands-on farm experience. 

FoodEnv-SL and our volunteer (s) can work on investor's project, organization's projects, and community projects 


FoodEnv-SL relies on building and maintaining strong partnerships for sustainable food and economic development.

Many hands make work light, therefore we cherish every opportunity to hearing from you about working together on a initiative or project. 

Our Partners

Our partner are core in all we do and we are very appreciative of their support and contribution in improving the lives of rural farmers. 

We are delighted to work, and to have worked with these special group of organizations: